We are both guarded because of past heartbreaks, can we make it work?

We dated for a little bit but things started moving a bit too quickly and both kind of freaked out and we decided to just be friends. I still see him every week for a sports team we are on. While he doesn't flirt or text as much as he did when we were seeing each other. He still gives little signs that he still cares. I think he is just scared and I am too. I know I probably did or didn't do things out of fear that probably gave him doubts as well. We never talked about it directly though. Is this something we might be able to make work? How? Or is it impossible since we are both guarded?


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  • If you don't talk nothing will move and time will drift apart. Communication is a need for a healthy relationship.

    • So I should bring it up again even though he freaked out the last time? Should I just text him out of the blue and ask if we can talk? Email him? I don't know I don't want to seem desperate or crazy and I've always been told that if a guy says he doesn't want a relationship to believe him.

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    • So do you think its still fine to send him funny texts and stuff occasionally or ask him to hang out just as friends every once in awhile? Or should I just leave it all up to him?

    • It is fine, if you want to be friends with him and have patience enough to see where that leads.
      If you leave all to him, he could leave things drift out of fear. So it all depends what you want to in the end, and if you are prepared to wait for it.

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  • somebody has to be brave

    • I tried to talk to him about it before. I tried to ask about us because he was sending mixed signals. He took it as me trying to define our relationship and told me he couldn't commit to anything serious but that he loved spending time with me. I asked him if we could talk about it more and he canceled on me so I said we should just be friends. So you are saying that I should try talking to him about it again?

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