I'm having panick attack, my heart is palpitating? Am I in love? Afraid of love? 💆🏾?

I met this guy in late July, I wasn't really interested during the 1st, 2months of August, and September. I kept him at a distance! But we kept talking about each other what we should be, if we're willing to try this out! Which we did. I start having feeling for him the end of September with constant texting, every morning, he text every night. We spend a lot of time together the 1st weekend of October, since after that each time I think of him I breath higher my heart beat faster. Is this love? Or afraid of falling in love?
I said afraid of falling in love because. I wasn't planning to go on a relationship, I just wanted to have fun, I tried to keep him away as much as I could, he persisted. He is smart, funny, caring, jealous for me, and has a strong character, and has a lot of affection. I'm afraid to love again, it's been to years 1/2 since I'm single. I should get over myself right? I don't want this to go away cause of fear!
What's my problem?


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  • Funny thing is I went to a school with a girl who think that way.

    She didn't liked me and then the next year she did.

    I think it's just you're indecisive and scared of the outcome.


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  • You are infatuated by him.

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