There's a guy that's been eying me (in a sweet kind of way). I fb-stalked him a bit and found out that he has a long-distance girlfriend.. what gives?

I'm talking about looking quite a bit at me, even more so when I started staring back too (this was before I knew about the girlfriend thing).
I get that everyone is naturally physically attracted to random people, but if that were the case wouldn't he be staring at other girls and less frequently at me? We share almost every class this semester because of our program, so at least in class I don't notice him staring at anyone else.
Does he like me? I was very interested in him, but after learning about his girlfriend...


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  • Long-distance relationships are a euphemism for a breakup without a fight. Odds are, if you flirt with him and press the issue, he will formally end the other relationship, rather than continue pretending he's still in one.

    • Oh, god... Potentially being the cause of the end of a relationship (doomed though it may be)... Would that make me a terrible person if I did that?

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  • Your thinking way too much into it. If he liked you he wouldn't be eyeing you, he'd be making a move.

    • No not necessarily bro.. There's some creepers (me included) that stare from afar or admire because we are to scared to talk to them.. -.-

    • Haha I can see where you're coming from. I just have this gut feeling... But I suppose gut feelings don't really mean much, do they :P

    • @TheWiseOldMan2 That's what I was thinking was the case. Glad to know there are guys who act like that too (I'm guilty as charged)

  • Stalker!! Lol.

    • Haha yeah not one of my proudest moments xD

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