I am "out of his league", should I worry?

I am starting a long distance w/a guy who is younger. We met online, chatted for a month and started vid chatting and texting. I really connected w/him and yes I did have the knowledge about his financial/lack of self confidence/no college education status before I started to think about him seriously. I have finished college and am working a professional job. None of this bothers me as long as the guy has goals to better himself. He told me I am out of his league, which I understand that he may be intimidated, but I don't really care where he comes from as long as he works to improve himself. This has me kind of worried that instead of focusing on how to make his life better he will just focus on how much I am out of his league. How do I bring up what I expect of him especially since I want to pursue a worthwhile relationship?


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  • You're not out of his league because there is no "league."


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  • Well, you simply try to find the right words to express all that to him and reassure him about it.
    And maybe it would be nice to remind him of why you've chosen to be with him. You must have seen something else in him, something that doesn't enter in the "league" thing category. Tell him that this is what matters.

    If you want him to focus more on himself bare in mind that you cannot fully control him to make him improve in certain aspects. But you can show interest in him and in his activities and this will motivate him to look at something else than this "out of your league" thing. Ask him questions about how his business is going. Tell him a few kind words which are heartfelt of course, without exaggerating anything and he should be fine I guess.


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  • Well problem is money lets you do things. More money you have more things you can do. Women ultimately get bothered by this and lose respect for the man if they make more than him.

    Fun for fling relationship but ultimately you won't stick with him LTR. Female nature.


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