How do I get girls to come into me?

People say I'm too desperate with girls. They say if your self confident girls will come onto you. I personally think this is bs because if your not acting romantically interested to girls, what reason do they have to go after you? I'm trying to score hookups in college

Onto me not into me


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  • One can be confident and roma

    • ntic interest will come

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  • Standing around confidently doesn't make girls magically come and talk to you. You have to go talk to them. You are correct, you can not act desperate at all, worst thing you could. .

    However you can be romantically interested and not look like you are desperate. The best way is to have a ton of girls you are talking to so you really do not give a single fuck if the next one you go talk to gives you the time of day or not. That is what not looking desperate looks like.


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