Girls, How do I know if she likes me through text?

For a quick one:
-We had dinner together alone for 2 times after work and she seems happy about it whenever we met, she would laugh and all that even though it's not funny without both of us saying anything.

-We texted each other for days and we will reply each other within a minute and it lasted for about 2 hours like non-stop. Mostly, i have to text her first in-order for her to text me like 60-70% of the time.

-She don't normally use phone for long to text someone besides me because i don't see her online often unless i initiate a text with her.

-From your (girls prospective), if a guy texted you first will you feel that he likes you or probably just friends. If he tries to continue the conversations by asking questions and questions will you feel that he likes you too?

-So one day, i texted her and said "i thought you like to watch movies? Why aren't you watching it now?" and she said " I was busy replying." and she was referring to me. I then told her "i shall not bother you then." and she said "nah, it's okay." and i was thinking if she stills want to talk to me?

-How do girls she if a guy likes him through text? Is it by how long he is texting her or?

Based on this, do you think that she likes me?
Even if you guys are friends, will you stay online for your friend and text for long hours and reply them within a minute?


What Girls Said 3

  • it sounds like she might.
    the best way to know is to inititate another get together. if she wants to continue spending time with u, then she's probably into u.

  • women dont waste time. she likes you

  • Is she eaget to meet up with you?

    • Yeah kind of but i always have to ask her if she wanna have dinner together after work and she didn't reject me once.

    • What's her behaviour like when she's out with you?

    • She would talk lot's of stuff to me that happened during work and kind of happy like smiling and laughing.