Online Dating. ugh. help.

So basically I met this guy a month ago online. We talk every night and I think he thinks we're dating. Every time I go out, he always is questioning if I was with a guy, or always tells me how much he wants to be with me. We've even cybered a couple times on cam but lately I'm just not feeling it. He always asks to see my pussy, which I DO NOT want to show, I'm seeing some one else, well we've only been on two dates, but I really like him. I don't know how to stop talking to the online guy because I feel really bad and guilty.

Sent him a message saying I've met someone else.

Deleted him off the internet, I actually feel so much better.


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  • I was in your situation a while back. I was talking to a guy and he automatically thought we were dating. I told him no we weren't because I didn't know him completely to make up my mind and all he wanted was sex and stuff like that. I just got the courage enough to tell him that I wasn't his baby and we weren't even dating and that I was tired of him talking about this and that and just bothering me when I didn't feel like talking. I was afraid to hurt him too, but you have to draw the line somewhere. If all else, you can always block him online and what not if you feel like you need to. I wish you the best of luck.

    • Congrats and good luck for you! You deserve a nicer guy that will respect you and not out there looking just for sexual pleasure.

    • Haha I know. it was an internet phase. you know with the chatroulette and the skype. haha But I think I did find someone really good. I'm happy.

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  • Hello,

    Right how can I put this... this guy is a creep plain and simple, my advice is to block him and stop contacting him, send him a message saying that his advances are not appropriate and make you feel uncomftable.

    the man has no self control and no concept what so ever about dating or how to talk to women and maintain respect...

    plain and simple, tell him strait and cut him off



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  • AH I know what you're talking about. So awkward lol. I'm like that too and I don't want to be mean and hurt someone's feelings, but you obviously don't want him that way at all and you're interested in someone in real life. I would say just be direct and tell him you can't do the online thing. It might be a little too mean to mention the other guy, but if he doesn't seem to be getting the hint, you can always fall back on that. And there's always the option of blocking him completely if he still doesn't get it.

  • Don't feel guilty, he's not a good guy so his feelings should be of little consequence to you. He just wants to f*** you anyway it's not like he really cares about your feelings. Tell him that you've enjoyed his correspondence but you've met someone in the real world and then just don't talk to him again. He'll survive

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