Girls, Would you date an Indian guy?

Like you've never heard this question before... hehe...


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  • nope

    • Is it preference or something else?

    • cultural differences. A lot of the east Indian guys who I've encountered both in rl as well as online were rude af. Many of the cultural norms seemed lost on them, especially when it came to being respectful and treating myself and other women as more than simply a place to stick their dick.

    • Sorry to hear that, but keep in mind that many young men, regardless of culture want to ruffle a woman's feathers ;)

      Intuitively, I don't think you or girls have an issue with this, rather it seems it is their approach that annoys you and others. Approaching people, especially women, is truly an art.

      Moreover, there's no denying that my people don't have the best social intelligence, especially when it comes to women.

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  • Yes I wanted to date logesh 😍

    • Actually, I don't know who that is lol. May I ask your ethnicity?

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    • I still don't know who logesh is... lmfao...

  • yes why not

  • Americanized Indians are fucking rude af. They're sexist too.

    • Really? It's often the ones fresh off the boat that are that way. The Americanized ones are usually stuck up. Thanks for your opinion!