How should I proceed with this? Need help quickly?

so long story here.
Ok so I met this girl on tinder earlier this week (we are both in the same college) Last night, after I finished working out, she kept asking me to come on an "adventure" ( we basically walked around and in campus building looking for unlocked doors, and then walked in the woods trying to find a path to a nearby college). So after asking me a few times, I gave in and agreed. After 3 hours or so, we decided to go back to her apartment ( I say we because one of her guy friends was with her, although he is hardcore friendzoned. She reminded me of that multiple times). We went back to her apartment and she started showing me clips of her favorite Disney movies, and then we watched Netflix until 3:30 am ( she fell asleep next to me lol). Anyways, the other guy and I left after the last movie, we talked while walking back to our building, and he asked me what I thought about her and such ( probably just so he can tell her later).
But I'm a REALLY not confident person with these things (I've screwed up A LOT in the past)
Anyways, so for the next 5 days or so we've been snapchatting/texting a lot. Convos usually continued through the day. Monday night, she texted me and said she found out how her brother died and didn't feel like talking, so naturally I left her alone. Today I texted her , and she apologized for being "snappy", but i said I didn't blame her. She explained to me why her brother died (wont say for privacy reasons), which I was suprised she told me because I haven't known her very long. After that we didn't talk the rest of the day. Should I try again talking to her tomorrow? This is the farthest I've ever gotten with a female and I'm trying really hard not to screw this up. I dont want to come across "pushy" but I'm also worried that maybe she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. (Im awful at reading signs and get nervous of these things because they happen often) How should I proceed with this? Thanks! Feel free to PM with add. questions.


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  • You should have kissed her already. If you keep on talking to her and you always chicken out when you hang out with her, then you will probably end up getting friend-zoned as well.


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  • God I can't believe you got chaperoned on your tinder date by her fucking friendzoned puppy dog follower.. holy shit.

    Anyways, it sounds like you are doing just fine, she is clearly going through a LOT right now. Her brother died, that's probably going to mess with her head for quite some time. I would personally back off a bit and be there if she contacts you, it doesn't hurt to throw out a little text in case she's looking for someone to talk to, but let her come to you at this point.

    Also I mean I can see the friend coming to make sure you weren't some kind of psycho, but why the hell did he stay there while you where watching netflix and stuff. What cockblocking douche bag, he should have totally left.

    • Yeah... that time was sorta a last minute thing, he was already there. Would've preferred if he wasn't, but it was a tinder thing, and there are a lot of batshit crazy people on there, so i don't blame her. Thanks for the help bro