To believe or not to believe?

I dated a guy a few months ago. Things were going good, then all of a sudden he says he got a cold, brother passed away, etc. So he asked for time to clear his head. I asked him once in between then and a couple weeks ago if he wanted to come over for a movie. He said he had to work. So I said ok and backed off him. Last Monday he texted me for 2 hours and ended up asking if he could come over last night for a movie. I agreed. During the week I went to follow up that our plans were still on, and no answer from him. Last night came and no answer. I felt I had been stood up. So today he sends me a message that says "I am so sorry about last night, but I have been in the hospital for 3 days. Can we reschedule for this coming Friday?" Do I believe him and give him another opportunity or no?


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  • Hello,

    I say accept the date and see what happens, the fact is he was in hospital there isn't a right lot he could do, take a step back and take things a lot slower then now until you get through this parch..

    Good Luck



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  • Well, if I were you just to give him another chance. He could have done something behind your back to make you stood up or he was being honest with you. At least he has before and told you that he needed time to clear his mind. Just try to help him and support him and make him get back on the right path but just be cautious. Don't get too involved right quick but be there if he needs a person to talk to. I hope things work out for the two of you. Good luck.