Why do I feel hurt and disappointed?

My crush called me a fucktard... even though she has never talked to me. I then thought never to crush on her, because she does not deserve my love. My best friend ( who is not a stud ) EASILY gets girlfriends. I feel hurt and disappointed. Now she has made me mad. How can you call a person you have never talked to (but saw), a fucktard? Please answer what to do. I never even adored a girl besides her.


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  • You're only thirteen, you'll get over it, you'll find someone else. Yass, yass, trust me, harrumph.


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  • Your 13 your focus shouldn't be on what others think about you. Jus think if your a fucktard then she's an asshole for saying shit she don't know about. Your mind should be focus on getting back on track. Don't fall for girls like her and know that you've got more time to live and learn. Screw her man. She wasn't for you.


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  • If she doesn't know you, then her opinion doesn't matter. Only foolish people say things like that about strangers. Don't let it get to you and find a better crush. I promise you, wait a while and you will laugh about ever caring about her words. :)

  • How do you "adore" someone you've never talked to?

    Don't build your hopes up that you'll love someone's personality based on looks. Before building them up, get to know them. Otherwise, they are just a pretty face that you may not even like the person attached to. Your emotional energy isn't worth investing in this illusion.

    • Yep that's what I thought about.

    • Even tho I'm really pissed. And I don't get pissed very often.

    • It's a good lesson to learn at least - make sure someone is the kind of person you really respect and agree with on life.

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