My boyfriend texted me he was dancing with another girl in a club, how do I react?

My boyfriend went to the club with his friends. My friend who I introduced to them was invited and brought her friend. My boyfriend texted me later that night that he was teaching the new girl (the friend) how to dance on beat and just wanted me to know. he told me that If my friend texted me then I can think what I want. I don't mind but then I saw he added he girl on Facebook. Should I communicate I don't like that? That he shouldn't be adding people on fb? He's very sociable and adds a lot of people. I just find it weird how he texts me that. No I didn't go to the club with them. Is this disrespectful?

  • You need to talk to him
  • It's just fun let it be
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  • he shouldn't add people on facebook? so because he's with you he should never expand his social circle?

    you may not like it and you are free to communicate it but it sounds very controlling. he was very honest and forthright with you showing that he is trustworthy. additionally he was surrounded by people who know you so the chances of anything going on that wasn't ok is minimal

    i think you need to trust your boyfriend and not try to control who he befriends or teaches to dance

    • But why did he specifically add her? He met my friend twice and hasn't added her?

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    • I just think it's the fact that he had nothing going for his life that I disliked he was going to the club so frequently. Like I don't think there is anything wrong with partying it up but if you have no direction in life and you are just partying it bothers me. Then treating me like crap in the spare time as well? No. He had no career in mind, never finished school and just played games on his spare time and worked. who am I to judge? We weren't compatible but I was naive and he used that against me because he was my first boyfriend. He has multiple gfs in the past. That's what angers me.. I was stupid and I didn't set boundaries.

    • well don't be angry at yourself. we learn as we go. as the song says, "i wish that i knew what i know now... when i was younger". experience is often the only way we can learn particularly in the case of relationships

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  • He shouldn't be adding people on fb? *Pisses myself laughing*

    • Why add her specifically and not my friend who he has met twice?

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    • That's not his friend. She was my friends friend. I introduced them to him...

    • and now they are friends. Obviously he didn't hit it off with your friend but did with this other person.

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  • Wh-wha kinda shit is this. N-no hell no. Tell him what he doin ain't cool at all. Girl now you gotta gets ghetto with this fucker. Let him know that you'll let this slide cause you personally have no problem with letting me ( you) know what your doing but your going little too far by adding her. I am concerned. If he don't take heart then he really would be on my shit list. Stop it before it gets outta hand.

  • He added her, maybe they became friends that night. It's not a big deal lol


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