How do I get my boyfriend to stop using mean words as a weapon?

Whenever we argue my boyfriend will be short tempered and then if I continue asking or explaining myself he will then go on to put me down and say mean things. And call me names? I've said to him how much it hurts me and he said that if I didn't bring up stupid stuff he wouldn't have to put me down. He says he doesn't want too but I feel he uses it as a weapon. Because he said when I say mean things it shuts you up. How do I deal with this and make him generally see that it hurts and to stop doing it?


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  • all you can do is ask him to stop. tell him u dont like it and it hurts ur feeings.
    if he doesn't stop, then there is a much deeper issue u need to adress. :/

  • Dump his ass and tell him why. No man should talk that way to a woman and a woman should not talk like that to a man. Where is the respect?

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