Dating a "sorority girl"?

So I don't mean to categorize all sorority girls into one, narrow category. However, I'm currently dating your stereotypical sorority girls. When I first started college, I swore to myself that I would never deal with that Greek Life stuff (no offense to anyone who engaged in it). But, she seemed down to earth. 4 months in, and I'm realizing I may have made a mistake.

She likes to drink and party. I was never into any of that stuff. I spent my Friday nights studying or relaxing with my ex (girlfriend at the time), and wouldn't have changed a thing.

She also has TONS of guy friends who she goes to lunch with, 1 on 1, parties with, etc. None of my past girlfriends did any of that, they saw it as disrespectful.

I'm more of the outdoorsy type, who prefers to focus on myself and have a small group of very close friends. She's more of the party type, who enjoys having tons of Fraternity and Sorority friends.
I also overheard her male friend mentioning that he really likes her, and went as far as to say that he "loves" her. She still hangs out with him.

Do relationships like this usually work out? Everyone is telling me to call it quits.


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  • There's nothing wrong with her having guy friends. I don't know how anyone could see friendship as "disrespectful." Actually, it would be disrespectful of you if you told her she couldn't hang out with them anymore.

    As for you having different hobbies, that could be a reason to call it off. You could try going to a party and just not drinking, to see if you have fun, and then ask her to just spend a night in one night or try going hiking. See if you can work out these different hobbies and find some compromises.

    Another thing to consider is, how close are you to finishing school? Once she graduates, she's not going to be able to party like this so much. So if you really love everything about her except for the partying, you might want to try to make it work until graduation in May. But obviously if you're not graduating for a few more years then you might want to call it quits.

    • I should have probably elaborated.
      Having friends of the opposite sex isn't rude. But I consider rude if you hang out with them 1 on 1 and give them priority over the guy who you're dating - just to avoid looking bad in the eyes of the fraternity.
      I went to one party and didn't drink. Absolutely hated it. It was just a bunch of guys and girls getting drunk and acting stupid. Oh, and one guy tried to kiss her... she sort of shrugged him off but he managed to kiss her on the cheek by the end of the night.
      I'm graduating this year, she has another 2 years.

    • hmm, then it seems like you're better off with someone who wants to spend their time the way you do.
      But this is a decision you need to make for yourself. Couples with different hobbies can work out. But that doesn't mean this one will. You have to consider whether this relationship is worth it. There's always going to be some amount of compromise. But if you feel like you are never enjoying your time with her, then it's a problem.

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  • no relationships like this don't really work , there sort of fun for the moment and the time they last , I can't see it really working out long term , although she won't be in college forever and might eventually settle down once college is over. its very doubtful she'll stop partying till college is over


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  • I was in a sorority and dated my boyfriend two years in college who wasn't in a frat. We are still together.
    It can work lmfao


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  • You'd probably feel better with a girl who is more like your ex. Let her find a frat bro to commit to.

    • Literally no sorority girls actually like frat guys.
      They treat them just as bad as any other person on earth lol

    • @rgb008
      But they seem like such a good match 🙈

    • I'm thinking the same thing. Truth is, I miss that relationship. Not my ex, but the dynamics of our relationship.

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