Girls, what comes into your mind if a guy texted you?

What comes into your mind if a guy texted you first? Let say he texted you maybe twice or thrice a week like some random talks? Would you start thinking that there might be a possibility that the person who texting you might had a crush on you?

If he is just your friend, would you stay online and talked to him for couple of hours and not leaving your phone? Will you do that or you will only do that if you had a crush on him?


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  • If it is a talkative friend no. When i say talkative is that he talks with everyone and iteracts with everyone. But if he is not that social then maybe I will start thinking he does like me. Especially the good morning/night texts with a sweet message (if you do that). If he's just a friend to me I think I will not regard your text important enough for me to be answering quickly, but then again you can confuse that with the typical making THE GUY (love interest) wait before texting back. I do that. You can guess if she does it.

    • She didn't make me wait for her message or anything and it was fast. It's like both of us on our phone texting just each other only. Do you think she likes me?

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  • I don't know. I don't expect anything from anyone