How to get over a guy who you know is never going to like you back the same way?

There's this guy and me and him are just friends but we're both physically attracted to each other and we wouldn't mind kissing and stuff which I don't mind either but I want something more with him, I really really really like him. The reasons I like him are me and him just click, we get along so well, I love talking to him it makes me happy and smile and whenever I get a text from him it makes my day better and I honestly just wanna see him happy too. I care about him a lot but TBH I know he just doesn't feel the same way back he only sees me as a friend I think or as friends with befits without the sex so just kissing and flirting and stuff. How do I get over him and only see him as he sees me? Recently we've been talking almost everydsy. I've never felt this way about a guy before, I mean yeah he's attractive and there's other attractive gjys out there too but with him it's something more than His looks I just like him as a person/his personality, the way we are when we talk and hangout it just feels good

He also said his ex ruined dating for him


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  • At this point you need to have a serious talk. You are going to go nuts just wanting more and not getting it if this is the only direction things are going in. Sometimes you just have to tell someone what the hell is going on. He might be confused about what you two have going on as well.

    If its going to tear you apart just kissing and flirting and never getting anything else you have to talk to him and figure out exactly where you stand so you can move on or move forward.

  • You know he probably feels exactly the same as you right? I mean guys don't friends with benefits without sex. Just kissing is gonna make you horny and sexually frustrated. I wouldn't be surprised if he is waiting on some further sign from you that you want more than "kissing with benefits" with him. Maybe you should drop some more clues.

    • I hope he does but I doubt it befsjde he called me a friend a while ago he said "I know we're just friends but I find you attractive" and if he did like me more than that wojdlnt he have asked me out befejde he always complains how he can't find a "good" girl

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    • He also said his ex ruined dating for him

    • "I know we're just friends but I find you attractive" Sounds like something I would say to try and hint to you that I like you more than just friends, but I say 'I know we're just friends" so that I can play it off as being innocent if you reject me. As for text hints? Hmm, I can't say I really know what you could say. I would suggest you try to hang out with him alone, offer to watch a movie, at his place or yours or something. Snuggle up with him, let him make a move. I don't know, I suppose that would lead to sex which doesn't mean that he actually has feelings for you. How to get him to show his feelings for you if he has them? I don't know, maybe you just have to be direct.. say you like him a bit more than friends.

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  • Give yourself time to hurt.

    Cry. Be angry.
    Get out your frustration.
    Go through all the stages. You're human.
    It sucks. But it sucks even more if you let it stay pent up inside you

    Then after some time

    Find another guy.