Girls, What will you think or feel if a guy texted you everyday?

What comes into your mind if a guy texted you first? Let say he texted you maybe twice or thrice a week like some random talks? Would you start thinking that there might be a possibility that the person who texting you might had a crush on you?

If he is just your friend, would you stay online and talked to him for couple of hours and not leaving your phone? Will you do that or you will only do that if you had a crush on him? If he didn't text you for a day or two will that makes you want him more?


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  • This is kind of a situation based question. There is a guy I'm talking to and it makes me so happy when he texts me for or even double texts! I love it, it makes me feel good to be in contact with him. I would talk to him for days and days.
    I have another friend who texts me all the time, practically every other day or so and yes I would stay and have a conversation with him for hours on end because we're friends and I enjoy talking to him, not because there is any type of crush I feel towards him just simply because we are friends.
    Now if my friend didn't text me for a few days I probably wouldn't even notice or have any strong feelings about it what so ever but when the guy I like doesn't text me for a couple days its basically all I can think about.


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