How many of you would pack up and leave for a great love?

Say that you found THEE guy or girl for you but they were only in town temporarily or had a job where they had to travel a lot, or there was high potential for relocation.

Would you just pack it all up on a whim to be with them if they were into you too?


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  • Never. Only if we were married. Officially married not engaged with a wedding date in mind, but officially lawfully wed.


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  • I would do it personally. Mainly because my job is traveling so as long as I live by an airport I can live where-ever I want. Also this happens to me frequently, and I currently talk to several girls that live in different states because I always meet people while I'm out working.

    However if I had a solid job in the town I lived in that didn't have some way for me to relocate it would have to take some pretty serious commitment to just up and leave. Its hard to know if some is THEE one only meeting them once or twice while they are in town for business.


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