Did I just bust her possibly cheating?

I have gone on two dates with a girl I met online. I plan on hooking up with her. Anyhow I just called her to finalize some plans we have for tomorrow.

She never picked her phone up. I get a phone call from some unknown number a few moments later. I answer the phone and nobody says anything.

This girl asks if I had called her. I mentioned I had called her and then someone else called me a few moments later. She ignores my comment and says she has to go to bed because of work in the morning. She says good night, etc.

I call the unknown number and some old lady picks up and says "uhhh uhh and hangs up".

I should add that this girl is Chinese and came here from China when she was 18. I have a feeling that either she is cheating or that her mom is literally watching her every move.


EDIT: I mean she possibly already has a boyfriend and is cheating on him with me!


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  • I'm so confused right now, haha. So wait, you called a girl and she didn't answer, then an old lady called you right afterwards and didn't say anything?

    I mean it sounds fucking weird, but who is cheating exactly?

    • Yes exactly. This story. I meant she is possibly cheating on a boyfriend with me

    • Oh, well who knows honestly. Start digging through her facebook and social media stuff if you are super suspicious, this sequence of events alone wouldn't lead me to believe that though. However it is very strange.

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  • Or somebody mistakenly dialed you.

    Stop trying to be a detective.

    • I have had this phone number for 5 years. No one has ever mistakenly dialled me. This phone number dialled me 2 minutes after I had called. Also it is 11 pm here. Let's not be naive now.

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    • I guess wait and see what happens with her. Like how things go tomorrow.

    • All right will do. I'm sort of weirded out now but I will still go

  • You have a feeling that she is cheating on who?

    • Regarding your update, why are you assuming such a thing? Just go with the flow. Don't assume she's the one who called you and don't assume she's cheating, you're just attracting bad experiences thinking like that.

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    • Maybe her mom doesn't want her talking to boys and thats who called you

    • @Psuedoscape I'm kinda getting that feeling. Ironically someone just posted a question about parental approval 13 seconds ago =/

  • I don't understand where you got the cheating assusation from. And even if she was involved with other people, I don't think it matters unless you guys already established an exclusive relationship. Two dates aren't exactly significant. Plus, like the ither person said, it was peobably just a random number that called. Don't make it such a huge deal when it's probably nothing.

    • From how people behave:

      Imagine your boyfriend was in the shower. Some random number called him at 11 PM. I am more than willing to bet that you or a lot of girls would call that number from a different phone to find out who it is. I mean it's understandable.

    • I actually wouldn't, but ok.

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