How do I become a bad boy who attracts women?

i want to learn the traits of guys who I've always seen in high school or college and life in general who have women swooning over them have, and they just don't give a damn, no matter how badly they treat women, women are fighting each other over these men and want them more and more, I've taken the advice of girls and honestly I'm not getting anywhere, every time I do what they tell me with girls, I keep getting the, "You are a nice guy but" speech from them or the, "you'll find someone one day" crap, that advice doesn't work. I don't wanna be like the 40 year old men you see on here asking how to talk to girls or if it's normal to never have a girlfriend or be a virgin and girl calling them weirdos and guys making fun of them calling them losers, I want to know how certain guys can get women but yet never buy them flowers or treat them respectfully, who are everything basically a girl says she's not looking for but ends up with, the guys that you always see many girls asking questions about on here who break their hearts over and over yet go back to, how do they do it, is the key just not to give a damn? And please for the millionth time do not give me the be a nice guy speech or the be yourself speech, I want to know what makes women fall in love with and stay in love with men like this, what makes certain men so successful and viewed positively no matter how vile they are, is it that niceness just boring and typical, what is it, I have never understood all my life, what am I missing?


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  • The reason guys who are successful with women seem to not give a fuck about them is because they have lots of other options, allowing them to place less value on women. They have lots of options because they are good looking.

    The 'bad boy' stereotype behaviour is a consequence of success, not the cause of it. If an ugly tries to copy this behaviour women will just think he's an ugly weirdo.


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  • You mean "bad boy" aka handsome & charismatic?
    Yeah sorry but you inherit those traits so you either have them or you don't 😂

    • Is it just then that they become confident and cocky over time, a lot of these guys I talk to and they bang so any women and pretty much treat them as inferiors and the women keep coming back and keep saying what great men they, all sorts of women too, thin, curvy, thick, white, Hispanic, etc i

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    • women can and that makes a world of a difference in how u look. So do not give me that BS that most of the blame is on men and its a fair world AT ALL.

    • @uriborder "it's hardly slutty behaviour" engaging into casual sex at a rate where you fuck everything that moves is pretty much as slutty as one can get.

  • Well i know the answer to your question but seeing how childish people are here and trying to con others. Your intentions are not about as good as it gets. You will have to watch how the other con artists do it.

    • That a always an option

  • Don't change yourself that's the worst thing you can do---be yourself that what girls find most attractive, a guy who's not afraid to be themself, the reason people keep telling u is because it's true... The women that "swoon" over the guy u mentioned have probably no standards anyway... he sounds like a total jerk to me


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