Girls, Why do some girls go for looks over personality?

I'm kind funny loving caring sweet and nice have I got a good personality


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  • Girls, Why do some girls go for looks over personality?
    Possibly because they see no reason to sacrifice or compromise on looks when the guy is most likely approaching her out of attraction.

    To me unless the dude is blind I see no reason to go for looks over personality because the dude most likely approached you based on your looks. He wouldn't have even have considered getting to know your personality if he didn't like how you look.

    "I'm kind funny loving caring sweet and nice have I got a good personality"
    I imagine this 'good personality' is seeking gals he finds attractive... yet wants them to disregard their attraction. Are you seeking out gals you find repulsive and unattractive? Are you approaching gals based on how kind funny loving caring sweet and nice they are?

    • Yes and you sound like a nice person 😳

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    • No But I try to help myself to get better

    • You also said you try to get gals to help you.

      Try your parents, a guidance counselor, a therapist, or a hotline.

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  • coss us girls are stupid... for some reason we go for all the douche bags.

    • I konw like I'm not much but I'm sweet and kind but some girls go for douche bags and they treat the girl the wrong way

    • Hey cheer up, there are some decent girls out there who don't go for douche bags😊

    • You get girls that treat you bad and the ones that will treat you good are scared that if they ask u out you will say no but I never judge a book by it's cover

  • Why do some boys go for looks over personality?
    It depends on person.
    I personally never date anyone because of his appearance. Of course i really love handome guys but dating and relationship is kind of serious thing for me. I don't wanna fall in love with a badass and i just hate who doesn't have good personality.

    • True I go for personality any day love is love if you love someone no matter what they look like then that's what counts

  • It's actually a bit of both. I get attracted to a guy through their looks first, but then if their personality is trash, it's a no from me.

    • I have the personality and I look like a rugby player

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    • I am thanks 😳😳😳😳😍😉😋😋😋😋

    • Lol did you mean "I am? thanks" or "I am, thanks."?

  • It's not that I go for looks over personality, but that I need both. He needs to have a good personality because otherwise he won't be fun and good to be with which would mean there's no future for the relationship. But I also need to be attracted to him because he would be a romantic and sexual partner, not just a friend. Guys with good personalities but with looks that I'm not attracted can never be more than a friend to me and guys with bad personalities but good looks I'm not interested in to have in my life at all, but some other girls would have one night stands, be friends with benefits or have short-term relationships with them.

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