How Long Does It Take?

I been broken off with my fiance for a little over a month now and I got back into the dating game and its nice and all but I still think about him and kinda wish we could work something out. I'm well aware that we probably will never have a chance of us again and part of me is completely agreeing. I mean I have everything going for me right now but I don't wanna make a move on it just yet and I'm not sure why. How long till I'm over this and can move on?


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  • What you are going through is normal. When you break up with someone you go through different phases of mourning a relationship, and wondering if you could have worked things out is normal. It is still fresh and you need more time. How long before you get over him? No one can tell you that. It depends on how long you were together and how deeply you cared about him. My guess is that is going to take at least a few months for things not to be quite so raw. It could take a year or longer to get over him. Honestly, I think it is probably too soon to be dating, though. You don't want to be a rebound girl. I understand why you are doing it- it is definitely a good distraction and could help you to get over things sooner; however, I think the break-up is still too fresh to expect to be able to commit to someone again so quickly. Just take one day at a time and do not contact him.

  • it all depends. When my boyfriend and I broke up it took 7 months but I still think of him sometimes. We never really ended it we just grew apart becasue of locations. so it might take less or more. it depends on the person. But don't rush into another relationship. I remember while I was still trying to get my old life back after I realzied there wasn't a way we could ever be together I went out with my long time friend. I didn't like him that way but he asked me out on a few dates and I didn't want to hurt our friendship so I said yes. THAT was a big mistake, I wasn't ready to move on and ended up hurting a really good guy.

    Best of luck!