Will she contact me again? Why did she say chat later but never contact?

I used to pursue her full throttle at the beginnig as she used to play hard to get and was mysterious. After she warmed up to me and reciprocate my effort by sometime asking me out. I noticed there are things I don't like so I wanted to slow down while dating a few others.

On her birthday she tried to play it cool without mentioning it's her birthday. She just wanted to see me for like 1 hr. I said to her I can't and and made some friendly jokes.

She replied no problem, chat later. I haven't heard from her it's been almost 3 weeks. Shouldn't she be trying to get my attention?


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  • She probably is waiting for YOU to contact her, or she is trying to move on as she realized you were subtly telling her that you are not that into her by not acknowledging her birthday. You also said you were dating a few others, which you might have send off a vibe that you were a player or some sort.

    If there are things you don't like about her why do you care if she contacts you? Shouldn't you be happy that she is gone?

    • I'm happy that I no longer feel the pressure to move things forward. Simply curiosity here

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  • Wow! Man, first you try dating other girl while talking with her (making you a womanizer) , second you told her on HER BIRTHDAY! That you can't see her and you are waiting for her to contact you! Seriously! You totally told her (without saying it) that you were not that interested in her and what is this she has things you don't like every person has it's flaws either you like it or not so it's for you to make the first step now. So go for it

    • We had some foreplay but we never had sex. She wants to go slow for whatever reason. Yes I'm dating a few but I'm not exclusive to anyone how does that make me a womanizer?

      im just curious if she likes me enough to want to see me on my birthday even if it's just for a little bit. And she also said talk later :) with my rejection. How could she go for 3 weeks without reaching out?

    • Well if i may not every girls will sleep easily with someone and foreplay is the best thing ever if you know how to turn on a girl with just that she can becomes a devil later in bed XD. For the womanizer part everybody would think that if you say you date others while talking to her. And yes for the birthday (well if she know the date XD) she will accept it. And like i said before she is waiting for you to make the first step.

    • She gave me hand jobs but never gave me a blow job. I reckon I won't get anything more than that from her that's why I dropped her. So she knows I'm not interested but still playing hard to get. She can keep waiting.

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  • yes.. I believe she thinks u are interested and she could be taking a step back until you take a step closer maybe


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