I always feel a sense of danger?

I had the worst childhood ever, i was emotionally, psychically abused plus social isolation. I always feel a sense of danger and someone is going to hurt me. My mother was very mean and she used to lock us in the house. Occasionally friends would come by but she wasn't warm hearted. I grew up very strict... at 24 i am at lost... I still live at hone cause the outside world seems so scary. How can i ever live normally?


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  • You need to move out of that environment and get some professional help. This will not get better on its own. Don't try to just get over it or move on, you need help.

    Most people will not understand. Here is what I wrote to a friend about the same subject. He has depression and anxiety disorder. She is a wonderful person, but few understand:

    "If you had cancer no one would tell you to just get over it. If you were cut, they wouldn’t tell you it’s your choice to bleed. And if you were missing an arm, no one would think that just because they loved you enough that it would magically grow back."

    What you feel is as real as a cut or a bruise. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

    Good luck


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  • You stop feeling like a victim, and start acting like a survivor.

    Survive and overcome. It's the only way.


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  • Do not worry dear friend. . just go outside and live your life. nothing to worry about. .

    There is so much love and kindness in this world. .

    so get dressed and go out

  • Same here


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