What's his problem?

So there is this guy who is in the year below me and he would always harrass me and say my name in class just to say hi to me. He kept rubbing my shoulder and touching my back and one time he put his hand on my leg. He asked me back to his flat one evening and I said no and then the next day he asked another girl to sleep in his bed with him right in front of my face and I felt humiliated.

Since then during the summer he messaged me saying he misses me and kept complimenting me saying I looked great the other night.

Now we have gone back to school he keeps asking me if I want a coffee with him. He asked me why I didn't go to the part the other night and said 'I wouldn't have gone if I knew you weren't going to be there' and then he said 'are you free tomorrow for a coffee?' And I said yes and I later messaged him asking when he was free and he saw the message and didn't reply.

What's his problem? Why is he playing mind games?


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  • 1) he is a player. period

    2) why do you care if he asked someone else out? You rejected him.

    Yes he is playing games with you. Don't play back unless you are made of steal or want to get hurt. :(


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  • He's a player and he sounds sort of a jerk.