I dont have a girlfriend yet so is it better or no?


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  • Right now you're young, so make your decision. It's your life, decide how you want to live it and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. If you really want a relationship then you'll invest in the time and effort to pursue them, and approach them frequently and try to go out on dates with ladies as much as possible. There will always be unavoidable risks such as rejections, breakups, etc. Decide what is best for you.

    But if you've been single long enough at some point such as when you've been single throughout your first 30 years or more, such as when you are in your 40s and still single, then you may not really hope for a relationship nor desire nor care to have one anymore.

    I'm saying this because that's how I've become, after 30 years of being single, I've already gotten used to it and learned to cope with it that I really don't care to ever date anyone at all any more. Instead I've got other priorities, financial in particular. Forget about the "Age: 19" that is displayed on my profile because it's not my real age.

    It all comes down to this: What are you goals? What brings you fulfillment and happiness? What are your aspirations? Or dreams? Do you really want someone to be there to witness you accomplishing your goals, your aspirations and you dreams? How important is sex and dating to you? Etc.

    If it's never really been your first priority, then ok, then, there's no need to focus nor worry about it. But if having a girlfriend and a long term committed relationship is so important to you, then you need to invest in your time and effort in figuring out dating, relationships, etc. starting NOW, and as soon as possible. It can get difficult when you have no experience in dating, flirting, etc., as you get older.

    But it won't be easy, and you'll need help. If you have buddies that can be your wingmen then that helps significantly with approaching ladies that you are interested in dating. Have them teach you how to do it the "right" way, such as what's the best way to flirt and generate attraction and interest from girls, etc.

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