What do you think is the main reason that he doesn't move on from his ex?

They were together for a year and a half and broke up three times and it never worked out. They even broke up because HE was the one who wanted it to end. Since the breakup he hasn't been alone for a day. He always finds a girl, he's never lonely and is very handsome. Then one day he met me. We had a thing and he told me that he never met a girl to whom he could talk about anything and party with etc. He got that with me. We trusted each other, had fun together, we had chemistry.. we were perfect and happy. He even ran into his ex a few times at some parties and told me about it and didn't care at all.
Then one day he broke it off with me, saying that he feels like things are moving too fast between us and that he feels bad again about his ex all of a sudden. He broke my heart.
We were in no contact for a month, when I saw him I ignored him and then one day he texted me and we went to talk. We decided to stay friends.. He told me that he needs me in his life, because I'm one of the best people he ever met and that he doesn't want to let me go ever again. He told me that he met up with his ex and that she told him that she doesn't want to do anything with him, because he hurt her feelings. And now he doesn't stop thinking about it. Last week we had something again, but the day after I told him that I don't think that that's a good idea, because I don't want to end up getting my feelings hurt again.
I know he likes me a lot. I support him, amuse him and he loves everything about me. He got upset when I told him that I'm talking to this town asshole and he said that I'm one of the best and most beautiful girls he's ever met and that I deserve a guy who will want only me...
We get along sooo much and we're perfect for each other, but something is holding him back with this ex and I have no idea what. I mean if he has it all with me why would he even miss her?

I mean I know its hard but the thing is that I forgot about MY ex with his help. So why can't he forget about her with mine? At the end of the day they did breakup three times, fought all the time and If I might mention she doesn't even look better then me. I don't understand anything...


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  • You're a second choice backup plan to him. Why do you have anything to do with him? Do you get off on drama? He only tells you sweet nothings to leave the door open for him to use you when he and his ex has another spat. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Get over it and him and get on with your life


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  • Don't waste your time with someone like him. You are obviously his second choice.