Dating that guy with the girl who's his BFF?

Just wanted a third party opinion. I'm trying to break old habits of judging bew relationships based of past relationship problems.

Been seeing someone for about three months. We both work really long hours, so we don't get a lot of time together. Three nights ago he said he was tired and was going to bed. He calls me out of the blue asking advise because his friend (who he claims is like his sister) comes over his place because she's afraid a guy on Facebook that she went on three dates with is stalking her. Long story short he stays up with her all night playing "hero", yet its been weeks and I can't get dinner or a drink planned because he's tired.

He does work his ass off and i figured he wouldn't have told me about it if he was trying to hide something. It just rubbed me the wrong way that he'll drop everything for this friend, but I just got outa the hospital and he hasn't even asked how I'm feeling. Sometimes I feel petty, but other times it just stings a little. He tells me he loves me but I'm just not seeing or feeling it lately...

Am I overreacting?


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  • from what youve said you aren't overreacting. Did you have a blowout fight or throw out his things. the feelings you've described are totallly normal. You really should discuss this with him and how you feel. After your hospital stay, are you feeling ok?


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  • Yeah, you're overreacting. Some people just have those relationships and while at first I thought that they were questionable, they always end up being legitimate.

    That said, maybe you should start looking for a guy who is just plain more available? It really has nothing to do with his BFF in my mind but just that you might be better off with a guy who makes you a little more of a priority?


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