Should I text him first?

we hooked up last night.
So we're at his place, did our first round and we just chilled cuddled while watching TV.
I told him I'm going to take a quick 5 mins nap so wake me up 5 mins after. He followed me to his bedroom and laid down next to me while I was asleep.
I woke up few mins after, he was in the living room watching TV, I dragged him to his bedroom I gave him a bj and we did another round.

After that I got dressed up and told him I'm leaving.. it was like 1 am.
He wanted to walk me out to the parking lot, I said it's ok, but he insisted so we left.
He asked if I wanted to get a cup of coffee (he's worried if I was tired to drive and i said it's ok.)
I paid my parking ticket and he was disappointed bc he wanted to pay.
he said he missed seeing me, he's touchy, kissed my top head few times while we watching tv,
I said I was hungry if there's anything to eat, he asked if I want to order something and I said neh I'm not that hungry, its ok. but while I was in the bathroom he ordered sushi.

he's an introverted guy and a bad texter, he would text something sweet here and there but he rarely texts me first. he always replies me back quick though. I was the one asked him to meet up last night.. well he asked me first if I was free yesterday and I said yes, but then he wouldn't take it further so I had to ask him if he wanted to see me lol

I know he's not a player and he doesn't play mind games nor says something that he doesn't mean.
So I'm thinking he could be interested in me yet still hasn't reached out to me bc he's scared?


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  • He sounds like me lol. Everything is all good when we are together. But when it comes to texting and calling all I ever feel like is that the girl is losing interest and I'm just like "fuuuuuuuuuuck what do I do? Am I texting too much? Too little? If I don't text the exact perfect words at every moment is she just gonna lose interest until she drops me?" It's completely retarded to feel this way I know, but that's the way it is sometimes. It's a confidence issue, as I've grown more confidence I realize texting isn't nearly as hard as it used to feel. So you got yourself a shy guy, if you really like him a lot then you're probably gonna have to put a lot of effort into making him believe that you do. Which I know can be annoying because I've definitely had girlfriends who were self conscious. But after a certain point I'm sure he will realize that you like him and he can quit worrying... unlike my past exes who swore up and down beautiful women were hitting on me left and right. Maybe that's a different scenario lol. >.<


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  • Of course text him first:) be like Hey, how's it going?:)


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  • he just not much of a texter and not that serious about texting much and knows you will do it so he is just going with the flow. I think you are overthinking and did he go down on you too? its only fair

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