Is he into me or to early to tell?

Met this guy online nice long conversations seems like a nice guy down to earth. He lives almost 30 mins from me in another state. He came to see me during a work week to see me on a couple of occasion's. Things went further after awhile. But since then he hasn't seen me in two weeks and the conversation is there but not like it was at the start. He has a nick name that he calls me says He's excited to see me agian. I send him selfies and he says he likes when I send them. But he still goes online once in a blue. He also has kids so I try to be understanding about that. But is he not feeling me as much like in the beginning?


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  • Yeah, that seems really lukewarm at best. You're probably old enough to know that this how things often go with relationships. If he comes around, then so be it but 30 minutes is really, really close and if he's disappearing for two weeks at a time, then you're not a priority. I think you should look elsewhere because life is too short to use up on people who waste your time.

    • We talk every day through out the day. I haven't seen him in two weeks. That's why I added he has two kids. He has them on certain weekends and weekdays. He's in another state but not that far.

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    • Seattle. You should PM me sometime!

    • Sure

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  • He was probably not interested in a serious relationship. He only wanted to get laid.

    • And that is something I was trying to avoid I had this conversation at the beginning.

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