Can't find a girlfriend please help?

so i am here i was living in a country where people stay virgins until marriages... i needed a girlfriend when i was like around 14 but the society and stuff made me can't even mention it to my parents... by time i got depressed and tried to kill myself... i am now studying in ukraine and its my second year here since i society here is different i was hoping i find a girlfriend my English is perfect like native (believe it or not some people think i was Australian lol) all the girls are taken and its imposible to just talk to girls i like just like that or invite girls i already spoke to without seeming like a creep... i am depressed af please help... please dont suggest therapies and stuff cuz these answers make me mad


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  • Confidence and kindness are the two keys! Even if you're a naturally quiet person, that doesn't turn us away. Just act sweet and you'll find someone

    • thanks for replying... but all of them seem busy and its just hard to pursue someone to just make a conversation here... some say to me just stop trying and you may attract a girl then be friends with her and slowly getting closer... or should i just be straight forward as tiffypuff said?

    • Be natural. We can tell those who try too hard, and it turns us away. You'll find the girl for you. Most likely there's girls that like you, but have secretly kept it to themselves :) trust me

    • i know a girl from another class i shared taxi with 2 times cuz my male friend is in her class... i asked about her name in a hurry as we were going to our classes and she asked me about what class do i have... i wanna make a move on her or advance but i am not sure how

  • You won't get a girlfriend if you don't talk to girls. No way around that. Be confident and talk to them. And if you're a foreigner, that works in your favor. Play it up.

    • thanks for answering... i actually spoke to many of them but it seems that everyone is just busy and it would be obvious that i am hitting on a girl if i ask for her number or vk and that would scare her away... i asked like 10+ out of my collage but they are all taken... and i tried going to coffee shops and looking for single girls and that didn't work... single girls hangout with their friends even rarely outside university... so my choice is there bigger but i just dont know how to initiate it without being to obvious

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    • You won't know anything about her unless you talk to her. Girls who don't understand that are dumb bunnies. There's nothing wrong with thinking a girl is pretty and wanting to talk to her. What's wrong is not trying to learn anything about her once you start talking, because you only care that she is pretty.

    • so the plan would be... ahem... i go to her and say : i really like your shoes or whatever and i like you and i feel i wanna speak more to you... can you give me your fb? ... then she gives me her fb... i will do that in first available time and i will return to you and ask you what can i do next lol

  • Being single should never be a reason to put yourself in a depression.

    • i am studying medicine and i want to be endocrinologist... actually hormones play big role in making people depressed... not having a companion is pretty much enough for some people to make them depressed... i just feel so lonely and want someone so close to me to a point where that person i can cuddle kiss and sleep with... unlesss that bad thoughts consume me every time when i be alone dragging me to think about suicide

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