Girls, How sexy is it to you when you discover that a man you like is also a great loving single father?

also, would it be better if it was a father with daughters as opposed to sons?


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  • It wouldn't make any difference. Being a parent tells nothing about someone's personality. He might treat his kids good but it doesn't mean he treats everyone good just because he's a great dad. And besides, not all girls are into kids and stuff like that. I have no desire of having kids and thus him having them might even be troublesome for me. Also, using your kids to score you some extra points is lame.

    • I said nothing about using kids. I disagree, being a parent can tell you an enormous amount about your personality. I want to find out what women are attracted to men like this. Since most women that I'm attracted to (25-33) already have kids, I'm more interested in their take.

    • Lets agree to disagree. I know some great dads who are very shitty boyfriends/husbands. Just saying. Of course his kids are important too and I will be glad if he's good with them, but I will rate our relationship by the way he treats me, not his kids. And his sexiness by his moves in the bedroom, not by his playtime with kids.

    • would you hypothetically even consider dating a shitty father though?

  • Hypothecially speaking, I'd find that pretty awesome to be honest