How to "profile" girls better?

I always get it wrong and it might be the reason I am single.

I see a nice shy looking girl... and she ends up being into drugs, alcohol, partying, etc.

I see a party girl, and she says she drinks and parties all the time... but she has been to a club once and doesn't know too much about alcohol...

The worst was, I met this amazing girl... Hardworking, shy, sweet, caring... but she was just leading me on for attention :(

So I am thinking that I am just really bad at profiling girls...

I just want a sweet, normal, nice girl who isn't into doing drugs and partying... It's fine if they are into those kind of things... but I don't enjoy partying, drugs and alcohol ( Once in a while it's okay)... I would much rather find a girl who wants to cuddle and watch a Pixar movie :)

So how can I find my dream girl?



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  • Search houses.

    • What do you mean?

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    • I shall stalk girls coming out of their homes!

      And watch them everywhere they go!

      Thanks :p

    • I wouldn't call it stalking… :p

      You're welcome.

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  • All you can do is ask questions and hope they aren't lying, just have to come up with a bit of a screening process. I actually do this a lot, regardless if they tell the truth or not, it is very good to be picky and not desperate. However I've never met a girl that wants to cuddle and watch pixar movies.

    Also you might want to work on talking to girls during the day. I'm not sure where you are meeting the current girls you are speaking of, but I find when I hit on girls during the day when I'm out an about I find a lot more of the tame/not partying all the time type of girls.


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  • Well, it just seems you are having bad luck regarding women.

  • If they wear makeup, they're probably bitchy.

    • What's the logic in this? You are giving a label to a woman because she is wearing makeup?

      Can you please explain?

    • Interesting Theory

    • @serious They also have a higher likelihood for it if they have tattoos.