What happened, why did he changed and started vanishing?

So I met this guy during an internship I did. When I finished it, he started messaging me on facebook. He would do anything to see me, he was always talking with me and asking me out, for lunch, coffee... we actually kissed and he said he was really starting to like me. It only lasted 4 days, because he had to to away for three weeks with his family on a vacation.
During that period of time, he kept saying how much he missed me and always was thinking about me.
When he finally came back, I thought the very first thing he would do was trying to see me. But no. He said he had a lot of work. Was always working during the first week, and in the second week... third week now, and he says he is very sick but misses me.
If he was really interested, he would do something about it, no? He would try to see me at least for five minutes, we live very very close. I tried to ask him out but he was working. He barely texts now

What happened? It is like his interest went from 100 to 10... or actually 0. I am so sad, I can not stop thinking about him but... maybe it is time to forget?

I never told him anything about it. I just act cool when we talk.


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  • try texting him and talking about something that he can help you with and your gonna find out how he will afford to do that...
    and keep on talking 2 him as a friend not a lover or beloved and show your enthusiasm
    maybe he is so busy and ask when you can have for example coffee or lunch together and if it didn't work leave him with his life and go find your own values and someone who worth spending time with and one who knows your values.

    • He asked me for a coffee and we finally went. It was amazing but he had to go after an hour because he had stuff to do (people kept calling him from work).

    • I really like your opinion on this, asking for some kind of help is a really good advice.

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  • he move on you should too
    the end


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  • He changed his mind or/and he met someone else.