Should I tell my ex that I am travelling to his country?

So my ex and I broke up recently because of the distance, I live in UK and he's in France, although we saw each other loads over summer and it's not all that far or difficult to travel. So I really thought we could make it work.

Anyway, I will be in France again in 2 weeks time, do you think I should let him know and see if he wants to meet up?

I would love to get back with him and I don't know if that will actually happen but it would be nice to see him anyway. And he did say last week that he would love to catch up soon.

The negative-I texted him a few days ago and although he replied he was a little cold and didn't reply to my last message where I asked him how things were going with work (I know he's been really stressed about work so maybe he just didn't want to talk about it?) so I don't want to look like I am bugging him.

So if you think I should tell him what should I say?


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  • If relations are friendly call him, if not then text him


What Girls Said 1

  • Only if you want to see him