Would you buy a car from someone that acted odd or simplely didn't seem like he was trying to sell a car?

So i texted this college kid about his 2002 nissan 15k miles says nothing wrong with it but u never known. So i sent him a text message ask if the car was still able? he said yes. so then i sent a 2rd texting what i was looking for and no reply after 6hours. So sent a 3rd text saying i guest your not selling the car anymore so guest i look else where enjoy yourday. He then replies back and says ok enjoy your too. I then had My girlfriend message him 2 days laterand he said he was still selling the car.. which it's not a bad first car. Anyway why did he reply to any of my question about the car and why did it take him over 6 hours to reply back yet he sent me the first text saying he still selling the car? I had planed on buying it the very next day after a test drive.


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  • Not really. They do not sound very reliable.


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  • College kid
    15 year old Nissan
    15,000 miles?
    Thats what I'd be concerned about, not his behaviour. He was probably just busy. And you have to remember when you're selling a car, 9 /10 people are just time wasters so you don't care much unless they're really pushy.

    • You sure? and i known a few people got 15k miles that are good cars

    • I'm suspicious that a car that old has that little miles on it. I drive twice that in a year

    • How? is it for work& other stuff? my girlfriend had her car for 2 years 16 miles and only gets 16 miles

  • A 2002 anything with only 15k miles sounds pretty dodgy to me mate

    • I known a few people with 15k miles