Girls, What should I do to get her?

A quick brief:
-We have known each other for 3 months.
-We had dinner together alone after work for 2 times.
-We do text each other on several occasions like birthday or work stuffs, she will text me first like 15-20% and for me is 75-80% that i will text her first. After we finish texting each other or finish clarifying work stuffs, she will tell me what happened during work and other stuffs that are not related to work. For me, i will prompt questions to her and she will answer so to keep the conversations going and even if i doesn't, the conversation won't kinda feel dead. We text each other using whatsapp and when we do, we will text up 1-2 hours at night and she will reply me within few seconds or less than a minute and i do the same thing. It's basically like we're online on whatsapp just to text each other.
-Normally she would watch movies at home during night time and when i text her, she doesn't watch movie and i ask her why. She said: "she was busy replying to my message and she didn't watch."(I wonder if she put her priority on me than movie?)
-We hadn't text each other for 3 days and i'm missing her like crazy already. I know i should text her but i just want to wait to see if she will text me first to know if she likes me.
-I was thinking if i should confess to her and ask her out for a real date like catching a movie before school reopens. On the otherhand, i'm very scared of rejection and i know there's no harm trying but it's kind of a human nature to be afraid.

-Will you reply a guy within a minute even though you guys are just friends and you have no crush on him?
-Will you go dinner with a guy friend alone after work even though you have no feelings for him?
-Will you touch or tapped a guy arms rapidly even though you guys are friend and you have no feelings for him?
-Will you stick very close to him while walking together even if you have no feelings for him?

Thanks in advanced! Will give MHO to best answers!


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  • She probably likes you and you just have to go for it. Tell her what it is about her that drives you crazy and tell her you want to take her out on a date so badly it hurts.

    Yes I go out to dinner with platonic work friends. I'm at work 40 hours a week with these people, so I try to be cordial and get to know each other better.

    My answer to the last two questions is "No, unl

    • My phone posted that without finishing it.

      "No, unless I'm drunk." If she is completely sober during those instances, she probably likes you and is very comfortable with you.

      You should ask her out and make it clear that you like her. She won't know you like her unless you tell her.

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    • So at a minimum she really likes you as a friend and is very comfortable around you.
      She could just be hesitant because she knows her friend likes you and doesn't want to get into the middle of it. It doesn't hurt to ask.

    • Thanks for all the help. I've decided to confess to her this time round because i don't want to miss this golden opportunity and yeah i'll go for it and ask her out on a date too. If we get together i'll update here :) Thanks for all the help mate :)

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