Why do men always leave me first?

Im not sure what I do wrong but last 3 years i had 2 relationships, i considered them perfect and serious.
But in both cases guy just left me, one day he was like"ok, babe see you later".
And just never came back, no phonecalls nothing.
Second guy came back later, after 3! month break. I accepted him. We spend lots of time at my house.
But after 3 or 4 month he Again disappears.
Im confused why would they treat me this way.
During our dating both guys were very loving and respeceted me and everything was just "too perfect".
And in both this,"perfect" cases they left me first.


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  • you ether just plain suck, or the guys you tend to go for are players.

    • If i "sucked" they would never date me.
      I asked about leaving me.

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