Does he still love his ex?

He hardly ever talks about her, but from what he has told me she seemed like she was abusive to him, even though he never stated word for word she was. She chased him around with a knife, tried to run him over with a car, tried downing a bunch of pills to kill herself, kicked him out of the house, slapped him in the face, got aggravated assult and child endangerment charges (I know because I saw an article on her). She is mentally ill (bipolar) so I don't want to put her down because I feel sorry for her. What's weird is that he says she's a good person. Okay, if that be the case then why did she avoid taking her medicine when she knew it was hurting him. How can he state that? It's not like I want him to put her down but it makes me question if he is even good at judging someone's character.


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  • What makes you think he still loves her? Because I read your whole question and I don't understand what exactly makes you think he still has feelings for her.