Why do guys look away like they don't want to see me?

This guy is in the same class. I blushed and behaved really absurdly around him once because he used to look at me a long time ago. I was standing in the hall talking to someone. And this guy was walking past me, even though I didn't turn to look at him, he turned his head away (looking towards the wall on his side of the hall instead of towards me?) when he passed close by. It seemed like an automatic body language. Maybe he doesn't like me? And it's not because he's shy because I wasn't even facing him. Do guys do this when they see someone unattractive?

I want to make it more explicit in explanation. The movement seemed like a negative relex like pulling yourself away from something.
Like he wanted to turn his head away as a negative feeling was experienced


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  • If i stare at girl than look away i do it for respect not to seem I'm a creep.
    But It's more of kind way that the guy is checking you out which is good thing.
    Never think the worst always think positive, keep telling yourself yes it will
    turn out good but if it doesn't heck there are more guys out there you can meet.


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  • Honestly id say that he just had an awkward moment.. Like he saw you but he didn't know how to act so he acted dumb and pretended not to see you. I wouldn't look into it a whole lot.. It was probably nothing personal:P


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  • I can't say I know. But for me, I feel like I'm going to be seen as a creepy weirdo if I stare a girl I pass in the hall. Maybe he's just shy.

  • I do that because I'm shy and I know I'm not attractive and have no business staring at girls in my school.


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