Guys! Will you call a just friend for 9hours?

I like him but i am not sure he does.

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  • English?

    • Sorry! I am not a English speaker.
      He and i are friends, and we hang out a lot. And we had call for 9hours few days ago. Do you think it can be the sign the we are not just friends?

    • Ooh! Sorry for being a jerk then.
      You spoke on the phone for 9 hours? Really? That's a remarkable amount of time. I'd say it's a good sign, definitely.

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  • For someone that you had just recently met and made friends with recently? Only if I had the time on a day off or something and only if I'm not caught up in my own business.

  • Nope, if it's continuous, he has feelings for you.

    PS. Please tell me there were potty / feeding breaks in there 😱🚽/🍽

    • Mostly we hang out for 5-6hours a week and have call for 5hours some times.
      And No. wow. There weren't those breaks LOL i've just realized...

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    • No...:( that's why i am confused.

    • Sounds like you need to start brushing his butt just to see his reaction.

  • What does that mean?


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