Any older people sick and tired of dating?

I'm not sure what happened, but I feel like I got old overnight. I've had a string of failed relationship in the past, but I use to enjoy meeting new people. Anymore I'm just tired of it.

I recently starting seeing someone for the first time in awhile. Its all well and good at first, but I feel like this is just heading down the same road as all of the others. He, like most of the guys I've dated, is a all around decent guy. I just don't see it going anywhere and I hate it when I feel like I've wasted time.

Can anyone else relate?


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  • Yup.

    That's the short answer.

    I ENJOY dating... just irritated that I've got to do it again.

    • Why is it that you feel like it's not going anywhere?

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    • Crap! Sorry I missed you updating this. I broke my phone last night and the alert was probably on there.

      That really isn't acceptable of him to show no empathy toward you, in my opinion. If you mentioned health issues he should've asked if you were okay, if there was anything he could do, if you wanted company, etc. And yes, he definitely should be making time for you. Even if he's super busy he should still be able to carve out SOME time at some point. At least, that's how I see it.

    • Also, you're welcome to shoot me a message if you feel you need to talk about it more.

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  • I've always hated dating and gave up on it a long time ago. So yep!

  • I'm sick of online dating but not meeting new people when I go out

  • tru tru same here's

  • Yep.


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  • *short answer: Yes
    *long answer: Taking time for myself after a difficult break-up that neither of us saw coming. Need my head and heart in the right place before I get back out there. I like dating. But don't like the idea of what's out there. The pool is so different than when you're in your 20s, even late 20s.

    • Yup. Yes it is. Out of the last 6 women I've spoken with only one didn't have a kid. Sheesh. =\

    • @ProbablyTooMature - IKR? When I go out I don't want to feel burdened. Luckily, I live near a place where there are lots of single mid-30 somethings. But if that doesn't work out, I'm just hoping I can still look like I'm in my 20s for as long as possible. Guys have mistaken me for a college student before.