How to tell my close friend I'm dating his sister?

So I'm very good friends with a guy about my age (note we are highschool age) and am starting to get close with his sister (who is about a year younger than I am). It's clear his sister is into me and I'm into her and I don't want to get ahead of myself or get my hopes up but if we do end up dating, how should I tell my friend (her older brother)? Or should I tell him beforehand?

Bonus Question: By coincidence I've figured out that the girl is Bi (by happening upon her comment on Reddit) but she hasn't told me this yet. Is this important at all (I'm a guy btw)?


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  • I think you should tell him beforehand. Also, what do you mean by "how?"
    Be direct. Tell him that you're interested in dating his sis.
    As for her being bi, why would that be important?


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  • you wanna go out with her
    ask him
    if not trust me it will be bad