Does he just need time to cool off? Or did I ruin any chance I had?

Letsum try making this long story short.
I have been talking to this guy, via snapchat, mostly flirting and sending naughty pictures to each other.
After weeks of this he finally found time to meet me. It was late so we got Sonic and hung out in his truck and parked at a park. We hit it off clicked and had a lot in common, we both just got out of a 3 years relationship, we both have 3 years old kids, just in the same boat and know what the other is going through.
We kissed and it progressed into more but stopped because he didn't have protection, because he said he didn't want to seem like that's all he was expecting.
So a few days for by we talked here and there the usual and one night he asked for naughty pics and u said in sorry I can't right now and he replied 'lol okay why not' I said 'I have my son in sorry I cant' he just says 'k' which to me is rude so I replied, jokingly 'I'm sure u have other girls u can get pics from' he then got upset and saying he was done with me and I could forget about him and that, that was immature and dumb and unnecessary.
I basically apologized all night and explained to him how I didn't mean anything by it and how much I liked him and basically begged for him to forgive me but nothing. We went back forth all night till we both fell asleep.
If he was done with me wouldn't he of jusy ignored me and moved on? And blocked me off his snapchat? He kept talking to me like he wanted me to beg and he's been on my snapchat all day but can't talk to me.
Should I abandoned all hope and move on or let him have his time? Please help I really like him and can't believe I ruined everything other a stupid comment


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  • From your story, i don't think he is interested in you since all his mind was occupied with sex and naughty pictures. If a guy truly loves you, he won't ask this and he would let that take it natural to it course. Why would he be even angry when you didn't send her naughty pictures? This proves he doesn't love you for who you are but just his hormones and desire taking over him. If he loves you, this is what he will do, bring you out on a date, catch some movies, buy roses, have dinner together, playing/bringing your son out like his own, give a kiss after the end of the date and text you every day and night to see what you're up to and goodnight messages every night. I hope this helps because i do not want another victim to fall for such a guy who just thinking about playing her and go.

    • My advice is to let him go even if it's hard because there are someone out there that will treat you better and remember this is not only about your happiness, your children is included and you have to make sure you'll find someone that will treat you both better and someone that makes you happy.

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  • I don't think he was ever genuinely interested in you. Also, why did you lose your dignity and begged him to forgive you?