Does he like me?

A group of us got together and we were eating dinner. We were at a booth (it was a low key place) and the guy in question decided to sit next to me. He kept touching my leg (not in a creepy way, but he just was doing it as he was talking), and was pretty close to me. Also when we left we walked to our cars together and he was looking at me funny, kind of like that way when a guy looks at a girl in one of those cheesy romance movies. This is the first time he has ever acted like this, so I don't know if I'm jumping the gun.

What at do you think is going on? And how do you think I should respond to this change? Thanks in advance!


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  • This sounds like he was putting forward a lot of hints to see how you react. I would say he does have an interest for sure.


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  • He might have a crush on you. Why are you asking us how to respond? We don't even know whether you're interested or not.

    • It seemed like those kinds of signs, but it seemed weird to me.. I don't know and I was saying like how to respond to situations like that in general. I have no dating experience, and I don't know how one is supposed to react..

    • It honestly depends on how you feel about the dude.

    • I'm not sure of what I think tbh.. Maybe that's what makes it harder for me..

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