Guys, Why wouldn't guy make any efforts to contact/ approach a girl that he likes (he has mutual friends with her) or is he scared of her?

This is a girl that he has a crush on and always looks at her etc. Also he has a friend that also use to like this particular girl but she wasn't interested in him. He could ask her name and social media from their mutual friends if he wanted to. All this guy does is to stare at her and hold eye contact...

  • He is not that into her
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  • He is shy and doesn't have the courage to make a move
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Also this guy once came to talk to their mutual friend and she was with this girl (that he has a crush on) but he only said hi to her?


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  • I'm in this situation right i just don't want to come off as needy or clingy if I'm alway's making the effort. However i think it would also be dumb for me to wait too long. I'm speaking for me but i really do like this girl I'm talking to but like i said it's just looking needy or clingy even insecure. I have to continue making a little effort though.

    • at least ur making an effort haha.

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    • I updated the Q, why did this guy talk only to the mutual friend and say only hi to the other girl that he likes?

    • I don't know, maybe he's shy lol

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  • Because he doesn't like her. Grow up.

    • Then why would he stare at her every time she walks past him?

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    • Yea and you know what? Those exact people (women) end up with players and fuckboys because they've never made a move on a potentially decent guy who just needed a little help. Then they show up here on GaG whining about how all men are evil and scumbags.

      "And I dont want to make a move on a guy that's not interested in me."

      Maybe he feels the same about you?

      Have you ever gotten out of your bubble and thought about a situation from someone else's point of view?

      I mean I'm not trying to be a jerk but... girls like you... with "expectations" don't fare too well.

    • Im a shy person too haha... But did you read the update? He has courage to talk to my friend but not me?

  • Ya I'm a pussie

  • feminism turned men into pussies. Only women will suffer from here on.