How is this for a first date with a friend?

How  is this for a first date with a friend?
I asked a guy friend of mine out, i've liked him for a while, i thought he liked me but wasn't sure So finally i just asked. So we are going out next Thursday afternoon.

I wear this kind of thing maybe 10% of the time, bc of my line of work I usually wear jeans and shirts with boots so i don't want to go all out but i want to feel a more fluid.

I like this outfit bc its light airy pretty but comfortable and low key. Any thoughts?


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  • Adorable! =)

    P. S. If it's going to be that short - not that low-key.

    • oh.. yeah lol i guess you're right, i forget people sexualize legs. i'm on a swim team so i see legs all day long when i'm not working.

      well i'm small and i'm wearing flats, so hopefully it will look more on the cute side than seductive (nothing wrong with seductive i'm just not aiming for that first thing) but i do really love it so i think i'm wearing it regardless.

      thank you for your opinion. :-)

      oh you think the sandals are ok?

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    • No problem. Have fun. =)

    • Thank you for the mho!

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