I'm in a dangerous position... please help me?

I struggle with depression and anxiety so assessing situations is not my strong suit. Please, please, finish reading and help me. I'm in high school by the way.

So my guy friend's parents are divorcing and are battling for custody... his grandma is sick and his dog might be dying. He also plays a varsity sport... So he has a lot on his plate. Anyway, I was sure he liked me. I'll list all the things he did to make me think so.

- He put on axe and showered when he found out I would be camping with him. (His mom told me.)
- His mom said that she thinks he likes me. (Our families are close.)
- I invited him to the movies but he paid for everything, he even insist he pay when I offered.
- He offered to get me better popcorn if I didn't like it.
- He even asked his mom for extra money so he could pay for me. (His mom told my mom who told me.)
- I asked him to go mini golfing with me, unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to his sports schedule. But his mom said he was "upset" he couldn't do it with me.
- We usually text for like 3-ish hours, he is always engaging, but I need to initiate because he's shy.

So that is why I thought he liked me... But recently he didn't answer my text twice (not in a row.) Then we talked but he didn't try and keep the conversation going. Plus he hasn't suggested to get together again with me... People tell me it's just because he's shy. I was wondering, given all thats going on with him he might just not want to talk... which doesn't mean he doesn't like me right? We don't go to the same school so I don't see him every day. I can only text him because he doesn't have his license yet, so him not answering makes me think he doesn't like me.

I know it's a really silly thing to worry about, but I can't help it. I over analyze everything and I'm just having a really hard time thinking he could like me because I just have such a low view of myself. Please give me your honest take on my situation.


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  • Its sounds like he's got a lot on his plate. I wouldn't worry about him not liking you. Just continue being a good friend and I'm sure when the dust settles he will continue a relationship with you.

    • Thanks, I try to be there for him as much as I can. I appreciate you answering

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  • Yes, I honestly think he likes you. He has a lot going on in his personal life just now , so you'll have to be prepared to take a backseat in his life just now. Just be patient, but still initiate contact with him. You did say he's shy so that may make him appear aloof at times

    Try not to overthink or make assumptions because it's a" killer " in any relationsp. It creates a problem that wasn't even there in the first place


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  • You're close family friends right? I dont think you could know especially if its common for you two to spend time together as childhood friends. Really. Just ask him straight out. I've never been disappointed by asking but I've always been disappointed by not asking.

    • Yeah, we've known each other for years. But we only see each other when our parents get together. Now that he's getting his license I thought we could maybe try and make a relationship work because we could seed each other without worrying about upsetting our parents schedules. I asked him to the movies, that was the first time I had ever asked him to do anything. Just because of the way he acted made me sure it was a date.

      Even though I know he's shy, if you like someone you would put in the effort and try to see that person, and he hasn't contacted me about getting together again or texted me first for that matter. So ultimately I feel like asking him straight out would make things awkward because I feel like he would say no.

  • He likes you but if he's got a lot going on in life then maybe it's best not to date atm. He's not gonna be emotionally stable