I was going to ask a girl out but after looking at her Fb, I don't think she'll say yes? Should I still ask her?

She's really nice and I started to like her over time. We've hung out before but in a group. But after seeing her fb, she has so many friends and guys around her and I'm nothing like that. I have hobbies but not many real friends so I don't think she'll say yes if I ask her out.

  • You should still ask her out
  • You shouldn't ask her out
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  • You should ask her out! You never know unless you do and if she says no, whats the worst can happen?

    Also keep in mind if she does say yes will you be still okay with her hanging out with those type of friends and guys?

    • Yes of course I will but I just feel that i won't be good enough for her because I'm not as popular or sociable as her.

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  • there a lot of girls that like to hang out with guys because girl are just drama well some guys too yah ask her out or tell her to hangout either way works good luck

  • it's better you should still ask her out because you never know, destiny wants this,


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