I want to start something with my crush, and I know he feels the same... so how can we make this work?

Okay, so I'm a junior in high school and I like a sophomore boy. I know, crazy. Jk 😂 No but I think he's really cute, nice, funny, and I know he feels the same about me. We've flirted a lot via our snapchat conversations, and when I asked him if he was down to get to know me more, he said "I am so down." So I know he's interested in me. He even pointed me out to his friends.
here's the tricky part, kinda: I'm shy. And I mean, I've smiled at him in the halls before, and he's beamed back. And I mean, beamed. It's really cute. But I'm so scared to actually talk to him in person, even though I know our conversation would probably go well. So what should I do? Should we text more first and arrange to hang out? Should we talk during school at some point? SOS.
(Fyi, we just started talking a week ago so this is a new crush).


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  • Ask him out for a coffee or something


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  • Just approach him and talk to him. Don't text anymore. You should start talking in real in order to get to know each other better.

    • We just talked again on Sunday and Monday and he told me I need to say hi to him in person. I told him I was a wimp around him and he said that he would say hi first. And he did 😋 So now, how do we talk more? Without it being awkward?